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Nannar’s delivery on this planet appealed towards the Earthlings. Nannar also had a approach to control the Earthlings with trade and credit instead of arms.

Grass grows atop the layers of earth and stones which make the Newgrange mound. The mound actions 249 feet throughout and 39 ft large. Within, a hallway of huge stone slabs engraved with star maps stretches 60 feet to 3 small chambers off a larger central chamber using a substantial corbelled vault roof.

“The last little bit of our lifestyle essence to those creatures you've given, being like us in procreation figuring out, perchance our [numerous decades]

, “Gateway from the gods”–a place where Nibirans could take off and land. He experienced Babylon Earthlings constructed a “tower whose head shall reach the heavens–a launch tower.” [

When Inanna got to Ereshkigal’s spot, Erkeshkigal barred her entry. When Inanna compelled her way in, Ereshkigal disarmed her and hung her with a stake to die. But “from clay with the Abzu Enki two emissaries fashioned, beings without blood, by Dying rays unharmed, to lower Abzu he sent them, Inanna to carry back again.

Machu Picchu “first served as a design for Cuzco, then emulated it.” The two Machu and Cuzco “consisted of twelve wards, royal-priestly groupings over the west and residential-functional types occupied by the Virgins and clan hierarchies about the east divided by vast terraces.

” then sent chariots following them. Enlil, whose astronomical computers showed him specifically how the Purple Sea drained and refilled as Nibiru now neared Earth, guided the Israelite exodus.

Anunnki royals carried crystal computer systems a handful of inches big–MEs– in purses they wore on their own wrists. They sewed MEs they controlled into their clothing or worked into their scepters, hand-held weapons along with weapons and products they ensconsed on their own plane and inside their Command rooms. Inanna seduced Enki for ninety MEs that Anu dominated she could continue to keep.

in 1846 (when wobbles in Uranus’ orbit–closer to Earth than Neptune–augured “One more celestial body beyond it”).

Sitchin states the megalithic builders of Tiahuancu, instead of the incredibly the latest Incas, that crafted Cuzco, long prior to Inca times. “One of many Inca mastermasons made a decision to haul up a stone in which the investigate this site initial builders had dropped it.

Loki then intervened and mentioned he had spoken to Michael now, and they the two thought mankind is ready for open contact with races from other worlds and Proportions, and develop into associates on the Galactic Community.

The rest of the 12 months, Gilgamesh loosed his a fantastic read lust on Uruk’s brides. He forced any he fancied to couple with him before their husbands could.

Considered one of Nibiru’s methods upset Earth’s weather and ruined The brand new crops. Earthlings tailored and foraged afar but created considerably less foods. Enlil prodded Enki to create Earthlings smart more than enough to farm and herd far better. Enki Builders chose to increase Earthling intelligence and, simultaneously, love himself. [

The Nibirans showed us how to obsess on one-upsmanship, to eliminate to rule. We viewed them kill one another. Our ancestors had to plunder, enslave or eliminate whomever their specific masters, the dominant Nibiran of their areas instructed them.

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